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The Phase of Plant Operation

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Consultancy in Raw Material Procurement

Raw materials for the manufacture of medical devices must meet strict quality requirements. AUSTROPLAN's experts and manufacturing partners, as well as national and international research institutes and laboratories, to which AUSTROPLAN

has access, can provide professional expert services for the selection and testing of materials and identification of optimal supply sources.

Management and Technical Assistance

After the successful commissioning of a new manufacturing plant, the technical assistance of an experienced partner is usually of vital necessity. AUSTROPLAN is completely aware of this responsibility - which is even greater in the medical technical plants field than in other industrial sectors - and therefore provides maximal assistance, especially in the areas of hygiene and quality control.

After Sales Service

It is a well known fact that technologies are constantly being further developed, products improved and manufacturing processes perfected.

AUSTROPLAN and its partners are in the position to make such improvements available to its clients by means of regular exchange of practical experience, dispatch of experts and training of personnel.