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Medical Engineering a Significant Task

The design and engineering of complete plants for the manufacture of disposable medical devices as well as pharmaceutical products demands comprehensive professional knowledge and experience.

Based on many years of practical experience, AUSTROPLAN's experts are internationally recognised and highly qualified to carry out this important task.

Special Technologies

AUSTROPLAN always provides its clients with stateof-the-art technological developments in the field of manufacture of disposable medical devices such as, e.g. syringes, hypodermic needles, cannulae, evacuated plastic tube blood collection systems, infusion and transfusion sets, as well as for the production of pharmaceutical products including parenteral solutions, syrups, ointments, etc. and other items upon request.

Cooperation with Reputable Partners

Our own technical know-how is used in association with internationally reputable manufacturers to ensure optimal solutions for each client's special requirements. This is also the case when cooperating with manufacturers of machinery, with the main objective to provide products of high quality and reliability.