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Inspection - Testing - Expediting

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The AUSTROPLAN inspection team is an impartial service organization to protect our Client's interests.

Whenever our customers at home and abroad execute projects they share a basic need. Each of them wants to be certain that machinery, equipment, and material supplied meet the desired standards of quality, conform to contract specifications and approved drawings, are delivered in accordance with established delivery schedules and erection programs, and are protected / packed for shipment in an adequate manner considering prevailing transportation and storage conditions.

Comparatively few Owners have the required experienced staff and organization to follow-up manufacturing, testing, inspection, packing and shipping of these goods in such a manner as to have perfect control of quality and timely performance of the suppliers.

Relying only on the supplier's internal expediting, project control and inspection may, in particular for F.O.B. and C.I.F. contracts, lead to unnecessary problems during erection and start-up.

Conditions at ports and other places of heavy-material handling become more and more inadequate for the volume of cargo to be handled. Consequently, serious technical and financial problems arise at the construction sites due to delay and/or damage.

Expediting, shop inspection and packing inspection are cost and time saving measures to alleviate these situations.

The AUSTROPLAN inspection team fills this need - wherever a Customer's interest may be involved - in his own country or anywhere in the world. Our group of professionals has the experience to expedite, to inspect and to control large or small projects.

Through the AUSTROPLAN inspection services our Clients receive full control with a flexible and convenient contact point. Thereby saving time and money, reducing risk and increasing the overall efficiency of the project execution.

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