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Cement Experts Pool

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AUSTROPLAN has recently launched a new service - the Cement Experts Pool, a network of cement experts with their competency profiles and their specific professional strengths.

As a result of AUSTROPLAN’s activities for international projects, a special need for cement experts with diversified talent and experience has arisen. Since the monitoring of cement projects is closely coupled with time-scheduled phases, not all special fields of expertise are needed continuously. In order to meet the specific demands of each individual project site, a Cement Expert Pool has been developed in order to collect and catalogue cement experts worldwide.

AUSTROPLAN acts as an agent for many experienced cement professionals of all disciplines and functions. Every CV received is catalogued into an in-company data base and is circulated among the various Project Directors inside and outside of the company. When needed these Project Directors can draw on the data base and choose from the experts most compatible and available.

The Cement Expert Pool enables freelance cement experts to be assigned to short- middle- and long-term projects allowing for their special abilities and talents to be applied at the utmost advantage and exactly where and when required.
 The Cement Expert Pool grants these experts flexibility in choosing their assignments and offers the cement experts diversity in their tasks.

AUSTROPLAN can exclusively provide its clients with the specialists needed and the competencies required for the cement and building materials sector.