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Consulting as it is understood and executed by AUSTROPLAN is perpetually interdisciplinary.

A preliminary, however comprehensive model of the proposed plant is elaborated based on the Client's preferences and ideas, on the prospects and the environmental constraints as well as on the functional, operational and economical requirements. This model is then refined in the course of several steps until it is finally possible to determine a comprehensive, clearly defined review of the project and its prospects and risks which therefore enables a statement about the project's viability.

These pre-feasibility investigations and bankable feasibility studies serve as the basis for the decision to invest and for the following implementation of the project.

Detail planning, tender documents and evaluation of tenders, detail engineering, supervision of supply and services are then effected, elaborated, coordinated and supervised by an efficient management team.

These services are supplemented by procurement, recruitment and training of operational personnel, through acceptance tests and by technical assistance during commissioning and later operation of the plant.

In order to carry out these tasks in an optimal manner, in addition to its own extensive expertise obtained during the many years of providing services around the world, AUSTROPLAN also takes advantage of the expertise available from universities, research and development institutions as well as specialised industrial companies.



Pre-investment Surveys and Studies:

  • Market surveys
  • Strategy studies
  • Sectoral studies
  • Raw material studies
  • Opportunity and pre-feasibility studies
  • Support studies
  • Masterplan studies
  • Bankable feasibility studies

Consulting Services During Project Implementation:

  • Overall project management
  • Monitoring of progress, quantities and budget
  • Basic and detail design
  • Tender documents
  • Support studies
  • Masterplan studies
  • Inspection and testing
  • Supervision of work

Technical Assistance:

  • Transfer of know-how and technology
  • Build-up of management
  • Personnel recruitment and training
  • Organization and plant operation
  • Management services