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Expert Maintenance Consultancy

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As an initial step towards the implementation of efficient maintenance systems, AUSTROPLAN carries out a detailed analysis of the existing maintenance programme. This analysis includes but is not limited to:

  • Overall costs being expended for maintenance
  • Plant reliability, availability and downtimes
  • Status of preventive maintenance
  • General status of part's lifetime
  • Status of spare parts availability
  • Status of existing maintenance hard- & software

AUSTROPLAN evaluates the general organization of the existing plant maintenance system with regard to its procedures and effectiveness.

AUSTROPLAN’s analysis also identifies to what extent and where the implementation of the Maintenance Management System would be specifically advantageous.
Based on the analyses of the collected data the elaboration of detailed individual maintenance strategies will be carried out. Organizational and work methods will be developed based on the specific requirements of the individual plants. The elaboration of the organizational and work methods will be directly linked to the relevant features and benefits of implementing using the MMS.

The MMS software will be pre-configurated to meet the specific needs of each individual plant thus ensuring that the system can be used from day one. Additional recommendations regarding supplementary hardware and software will be made if necessary.