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Main Features

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Reports, statistics and analyses provide a basis for justification and decisions by maintenance management and support all responsible personnel.

Work Orders

MMS creates automatically inspection plans and work orders for each equipment unit for routine maintenance and repair work.

Work orders are divided into the categories NWO (Non-routine Orders - Repair Orders) and Routine orders RWO (Routine Work Orders) as well as Defect without Order. When entered into the system, the orders are processed and feedback-information can be entered into the system enabling easy documentation for maintenance and inspection and simple access for reporting.

Histories of Work Orders

Chronological histories can be prepared for each equipment unit for routine and repair work.

Material Consumption

Spare parts and consumables used for routine and repair work can be listed separately or in groups in an evaluation report.

Weak Point / Top-Ten Analysis

The weak point analyses allows the identification of those parts which particularly influence the efficiency of production by cumulating and evaluating the frequency of defects, personnel / material costs and delay time for each single item of equipment. The top-ten analysis provides documentation and analyses of the 10 most cost intensive equipment units.

Other Reports

The report generator function of the database environment enables the creation of other customer-specific reports.