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Large Volume Parenteral Solutions (LVPS)


The importance of parenteral solutions for the use in medical therapy is well known today. Parenteral solutions are used more and more not only in case of epidemics (e.g. cholera) but also in the daily hospital practice, and the need for them is growing every day. Large volume parenteral solutions (LVPS) are vital in the treatment of traumatic shocks of burns with consequence of dehydration.

The use of parenteral solutions permits to correct organic dysfunction such as the acid-based or saline balance in the organism, to administer some drugs to the patient and to feed
him as well. With this method a considerable reduction of the hospitalisation time of the patient is achieved.

AUSTROPLAN provides all necessary machinery, equipment and know-how for the manufacture of the following LVPS such as:

  • Irrigation solutions
  • Infusion solutions (plasma expanders, rehydration fluids, nutritional and electrolyte solutions)
  • Dialysis solutions (haemo- and peritoneal dialysis solutions)