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Spare Parts Procurement Services

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AUSTROPLAN's services in spare parts procurement provide countless advantages to manufacturing plants by carrying out the manifold activities which are indispensable until the numerous parts needed for a plant can be taken over in their own warehouse.

The many different parts originating from numerous suppliers mean that the plant's spare parts division is forced to contact each individual supplier with requests for offers and negotiate and set up delivery contracts for sometimes only a few pieces of needed equipment.

AUSTROPLAN's spare parts procurement services take over all of these activities so that the manufacturer only has to send their request to ONE party. AUSTROPLAN collects all of the various requested and required spare parts into one shipment, thus enabling extensive savings in transport costs compared to the cost of shipping the equipment individually.

In some cases the needed equipment is no longer manufactured. In this case AUSTROPLAN is in the position to determine and deliver the relevant successor equipment to meet the specific needs of the Client.
AUSTROPLAN has long-standing experience in procurement and delivery of spare parts for cement plants in Nigeria and Libya and in providing spare parts for LPG cylinder manufacturing plants and LPG cylinder repair plants in Iraq, Libya, Morocco and Saudi Arabia.


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