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Overall Project Control

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The implementation of large industrial projects necessitates the involvement of an inspection and expediting body. This body - as we understand the overall function of inspection and expediting - not only performs the detailed activities of inspection and expediting as described above, but acts as a coordinating and information flow centre between the various parties involved, such as the Client, the Consultant Engineer, the various main contractors and suppliers, the freight forwarder and shipping lines, etc.

With this approach and philosophy of project control, AUSTROPLAN has provided efficient and effective services for the execution of large projects involving contractors / suppliers in Japan, Europe and the USA.

This philosophy of overall control, information and coordination assists the Client's Project Management by providing immediate, on the spot information on if, when and which decisions are required.

Based on the above philosophy, when planning an industrial project of any size, AUSTROPLAN's EXPEDITING and INSPECTIONS services can be the answer to the efficient and effective execution of YOUR PROJECT.