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Soon after the supply contract has been signed, but in any case before manufacturing at the various sub-suppliers begins, AUSTROPLAN's inspection team establishes, together with the supplier, the required procedures including:

  • Detailed inspection & testing manual for all main equipment;
  • Extent of pre-fabrication / pre-assembly of large structures and similar items, which results in substantial cost savings (shipping costs versus erection costs) in particular for F.O.B. contracts;
  • Detailed packing manual bearing in mind the optimization of transportation costs (i.e. optimal ratio of shipping volume to weight of equipment), which results in considerable savings on shipping costs.

Our team of inspectors consists of highly qualified and specialized engineers (not technicians) in the various fields of Engineering.

The approach of the AUSTROPLAN inspection team during this initial phase of "pre-inspection" normally includes a spot review of the functional interrelation of essential plant components.

Experience on recently executed large projects has proven that the approach taken by the AUSTROPLAN inspection team provides an effective additional tool in the overall execution of large projects in order to minimize problems which may otherwise only become apparent during erection and/or start-up.