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LPG Cylinders

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Deep Drawing of Cylinder Body: one-step or multiple-step drawing, workpiece manipulation by hand or automatic with transfer units

Welding: automatic submerged arc welding for pressure seams (single or twin-arc process), MIG/MAG welding for shroud and basering seams

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing: on individual or multiple test stands or on semi-automatic or automatic carrousel-type plants

Quality Assurance:

  • Raw material test
  • Hydraulic volumetric expansion test
  • Radiographic examination
  • Hydraulic burst test
  • Tightness test
  • Surface coating adhesion test

Manufacture of Blanks for Cylinder Body, Basering and Shroud: from steel coils or steel plates, with circular shears or blanking press lines

Manufacture of Shrouds & Baserings: with blanking presses, rolling machines and welding devices, forming with presses and dies

Heat Treatment: normalising or stress relief in continuous-type furnaces with various transport systems (overhead conveyor, walking beam, etc.)

Surface Treatment: shot blasting, zinc metalizing with electric arc or flame-type spray plants, painting in automatic spray plants with or without electrostatic systems, or in powder coating plants