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Repairing of LPG Cylinders

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AUSTROPLAN Austrian Engineering GmbH is your competent partner when it comes to an investment in a production and/or repair plant for LPG cylinders.

Founded in 1958 with the objective of making preferably Austrian technology and know-how available to foreign investors of industrial plants, AUSTROPLAN has gained its experience through the implementation of several production and repair plants for LPG cylinders and tanks in various countries of the world.

Inside Washing Stand
Hydraulic Base Ring and Collar Removing Device

Based on this competence AUSTROPLAN offers the services and supplies as listed below.

AUSTROPLAN's services and supplies are perfectly reconciled with the investor's needs and comprise:

  • Pre-investment studies and investigations
  • Basic and detail engineering
  • Provision of product and process know-how
  • Delivery of machinery, equipment as well as materials and spare parts
  • Elaboration of comprehensive documentation
  • Transfer of technology
  • In-plant training of the client's personnel
  • Erection / supervision of erection
  • Start-up and commissioning of plant
  • Technical assistance services during operation of the plant